There Are Four Things The Animals

Want You To Know

This first is that you can Talk to them, and they can talk to you. Once you understand this, you will realize that it is possible to communicate with all life. And if you can communicate, you can learn.

What naturally follows is that you can Teach each other. But you must be open and willing to learn. A horse can teach you the essence of gentleness and power; the dog, how to survive the harshest times and never lose your joy. We don't really train an animal—we teach. And in return, the animals teach us.

Any animal, for example, can teach you the importance of Touch. Without nurturing touch, we grow sick. Watch how the animals touch each other: they use their bodies to communicate, to nurture, to teach, and to heal.

To help Heal is one of the greatest gifts we can give another being. Animals accept and give healing naturally, and teach us that to heal is to affirm that all life is sacred.

These four lessons—Talk, Teach, Touch, Heal—I learned from the animals. Any work I do with animals flows from these four principles.