Intention Healing for Howie

Howie, the five-year-old female Bearded Collie, has a painful bladder stone. In this Intention Healing we’ll help cure Howie of her bladder stone so that she and her owner, Sharon, can enjoy many more years together.

Howie is beautiful, sensitive, and a champion in the show ring. I’ve met her personally, and I can assure you that she’s a doll.

Howie the Bearded Collie

Howie the Bearded Collie


Location:           Wherever you are

When:                Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Time:                 12:20 PM EST for 10 Minutes

Who:                  All of us

What:                 Repeat the following phrase for ten minutes:

“Howie has a bladder that is clear and free, and any stone is dissolved. Now and forever.”

This is simple to do: Just repeat the phrase, either out loud or in your head. Please leave your comments, and let me know if you decide to participate.


1 Michelle { 01.21.13 at 7:27 PM }

I am always in… Count on me…

2 Sharon { 01.22.13 at 11:55 AM }

My sweet, gentle Howie has already taught me so much about love, energy. She has led me to places that I didn’t even know existed. This is another part of that journey.

3 kay { 01.22.13 at 8:10 PM }

Howie is so cute, yes I will can count on me

4 Toni { 01.23.13 at 7:51 AM }

Yes, I’ll participate. She looks lovely.

5 Shannon { 02.02.13 at 9:37 AM }

I know it’s a little late, but I have been using young living essential oils for a couple months with really good results. They are also safe for pets. I just looked up in my desk reference that thieves oil, eucalyptus, juniper, and endoflex are all good for the bladder, to get rid of stones, and help with kidney function as well. You can mix the oils with Coconut oil to super charge the benefits. I’m am definitely not trying to sell anything just wanted to share. There is a link on my website that says essential oils if you’re interested in looking at them or learning more about them. There really is a solution to every ailment that we can cure using God’s intended medicine.