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Counting Feathers

“Hi Joe, Just thought I would let you know Gina was involved in a car accident today—her car was hit by a tram in Melbourne. She is fine, and managed to walk away with only a sore neck. Amazing considering the tram hit the drivers side door. … She said there were feathers everywhere after the accident. I believe the angels were definitely looking after her.”

I was speechless. Rachel was writing me about her sister Gina, who lives in Australia with her family and dog Beau. A few weeks earlier, Rachel had asked me whether I could help with Beau, who had been diagnosed with an inoperable tumor on his bladder. I didn’t know how much I could help, if at all, but I told Rachel I would try.

I’ve seen remote energy healing perform what some might call a “miracle”: profound changes in an animal’s health and behavior accomplished solely through the healing power of Spirit and Intention. Even so, I wondered whether anything could help Beau. Gina told me the tumor had covered his entire bladder wall. And while Beau was still on the operating table the vet called to ask Gina whether Beau shouldn’t be euthanized right then…the tumor was so advanced he would have no remaining quality of life anyway.

But Gina and her family couldn’t bear to let him go. I, on the other hand, worried about giving them false hope.

Yet a voice inside me told me to try.

When I first talked to Beau after his surgery he said, “I’m not ready to go. I still want to help Gina.” As Beau and I talked I could feel the life force inside him—strong and sweet, loving and trusting. That feeling—that faith in him—gave me all that I needed to begin.

I had asked Gina to keep a journal of Beau’s symptoms and progress. I knew that afterwards the journal would tell us what happened:

March 21: “Looking lethargic, sleeping, eating well, no walks, straining when urinating.

March 22: “Sleeping a lot, eating well, still no walks, straining.

On March 22 I conducted the first healing session on Beau. Using a shamanic animal healing technique, I worked on Beau for half an hour. I called in the Spirits and asked them to work on Beau at the energetic level. At the end of this session, I was very tired.

March 23: “Sleeping a lot, eating well, still no walks, straining.

March 24: “Started walking a little more, up a little more, straining still when urinating.

On March 24 I did a distant Reiki healing session on Beau. At the end of the session a large black bird, with a wingspan as wide as a stealth fighter, flew overhead. I could see him clearly in my mind’s eye as he passed over Beau and collected the negative energy that had just been released from the dog’s body.

March 26: “Happiness coming back, eating well, walking well, (still short walks), straining less.

March 28: “Energy level improving, straining massively decreased, eating well, seeming very happy.

On March 30 I organized a group intention healing session for Beau, based on the work of Lynne McTaggart’s “The Intention Experiment”. Intention is the force that creates worlds, and saves lives. I figured it was worth a shot.

I asked the most powerful healers I know—members of Deborah King’s 21st Century Energy Medicine program—to send Beau the exact same healing thought at the exact same time…for ten consecutive minutes. The date was set for 12:15 EST on Wednesday, March 30, 2011.

Rachel, Gina’s sister, said that when we unleashed that Intention she “Woke up sitting straight up in bed. Not sure what I was doing, but something was going on.” (When we started our Intention it was 3:15 AM the next morning in Australia.)

April 2: “I noticed a massive shift in Beau. Urine running clear, energy increased a lot, and pulling me when walking! Very happy, like a new dog!

On April 2 I did the final healing session on Beau, another intense shamanic healing session.

April 3: “Happy, eating well, walking really well, overall better than he has been in a very long time, urine showing no sign of blood.

After the accident on April 3, Gina wrote me:

“It was a bit of a shock but I really feel someone was looking after me that day. The impact should have been a lot worse. I had more white feathers last night, coming down from out of nowhere in my kitchen. My daughter was with me and was
helping me pick them all up. We put them in a container to show people. They are so small, like the feathers in a feather pillow. We don’t own any feather pillows! When I seen them I felt like it was a message that they are with me for support. It really is AMAZING. I am sure a lot of people wouldn’t believe this!”

I don’t know how long Beau has; I don’t know how long anyone has. What I do know is that counting feathers is like counting miracles…you can if you want, but you don’t have to. What matters is that you—like Gina and Beau—simply believe.


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Frozen Bo

“Your eyes have died but you see more than I”
Elton John, “Daniel”

As I was carrying the five-gallon water pails toward the barn door, Kris led Bo past me. I turned to look at him, then set the water buckets down. He walked slowly, and his butt shivered and shook like an out-of-balance washing machine. I left the water buckets and followed Kris into the stall.

Kris is my shift lead at the horse rescue on Sunday mornings, and Bo is her horse. He is blind, and very sensitive to touch. He is nervous when I approach: he sways his long neck back and forth as if testing the air, feeling which way I’ll move, testing to see what my intentions are. When I try to touch him, he backs away.

I walked right up to him. “I’ve got towels in the van to dry him off,” Kris said. And she left to get them. It had rained the day before—a cold, hard rain—and overnight the rain had turned to snow. Bo stays outside; in a stall he digs small craters in the dirt and circles ceaselessly to his left. The open air brings him peace.

But he now he was shaking, cold, and wet. Short icicles hung from his mane. As Bo lowered his head to eat the straw on the stall floor, I put my left hand on his right hip. Still quivering and shaking, he didn’t back away. I put my right hand on his chest, up against his heart. I breathed in, and he didn’t move.

For a second I thought, “Joe, what are you doing? This is a thousand-pound blind animal in a 12×15 foot space. Do you know what you’re doing?”

But I ignored that voice, and pressed hard into him with both hands. Very hard. I poured the warmth from my body into his. Bo didn’t move at all, he simply kept eating. But knew it wouldn’t be enough.

I silently called to Sun Into Earth. She is an older Native woman, this guide of mine, with black and gray hair and a quiet voice. She lives in the desert. When I found her recently she said to me, “We’re so glad you’ve come home.”

“What do I do now?” I asked her.

“Breathe the fire into him,” she said. And she sent me the image of rings of fire. And suddenly I knew what to do.

I gathered my breath, and pictured five rings of fire lined up in front me. Then, one by one, I blew each ring of fire straight into Bo’s body. I started at his chest and worked my way down to his shaking rear end. Each ring went inside of him and spun around, like a fiery chakra.

Bo was beginning to relax, I could feel it. But there was one more thing to do. And it came to me, too.

The day before I had attended Deborah King’s seminar at Asilomar via computer video feed. I had felt the power coming from that seminar room: many powerful souls both there in California and around the world, in the same moment, all working together to heal.

To me it felt like the power coming from a hospital generator. I wanted that power with me in that cold stall; I wanted to release that power straight into Bo.

I simply pictured Deborah up on the stage at Asilomar, and I felt the power surging through her hand as she held it in the air. Then I brought that image forward, bending time to meet me and Bo in the stall. That powerhouse of energy from Deborah and her students simply came forward into the present.

There was no past, no future. Only Bo and me and Asilomar.

I took that energy, that hospital generator, and pressed it straight into Bo’s quivering chest. After a minute or two he lifted his head up to look at me, and I placed my right hand flat above his opaque eyes. Bo, always nervous around my hands, stared quietly into the palm I held a few inches above his beautiful face.

He saw something I couldn’t, he focused on a vision completely hidden from me. I kept my palm directly above his deep, soul-filled eyes as the energy poured into his face.

Then he stopped shaking.

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